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LONG royal blue dangle earrings - touch the shoulders.  For those of you who like longer earrings, these are for you!.  Such a gorgeous color of blue!  Simple, but elegant!  Premo polymer clay was used to create these earrings. A gold ball dangle top is attached, allowing the earrings to swing nicely as you move about.  


SKU: SB-0606
  • Clay earrings are fairly durable. They have some “give” to them. Still, they are clay so be careful not to bend them or too much or they may break. If you happen to get make-up on them, lightly buff with a soft cloth. Need a little more than a buff? Witch Hazel on a soft cloth does the job. Want a little shine to the matt finish? A small dab of furniture polish on a soft rag does the trick.

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