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These drop earrings are hand crafted from Premo Polymer Clay.  I mixed colors to create this color - kind of a mauve. The studs are surgical steel secured with E6000 glue.  


SKU: Rosie
  • Polymer Clay is fairly durable, but if bent too far, it will break.  It is still a clay.  Clean up easily wth a bit of witch hazel or other cleaner if you get make up on them - and if you want a light shine, just add a tiny bit of furniture oil on top and rub in across the clay components.  The glue for the surgical steel studs is E6000 and is pretty strong.  Very warm weather though can loosen it, so just be aware.  I live in Florida and have made hundred of earrings with it and only two that I have had where the stud came loose over time.  

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