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The colors in these earrings makes me think of Arizona's painted desert!  Ombre slabs were created and cut to create shades and patterns.  Based on where I cut the pieces, the designs from this slab have similarities but are quite different.  Watch for the Painted Desert earrings to see more.  They are topped with a half moon for interest.  The stud attached is a 10mm surgical steel back for those with sensitive ears,


SKU: PD-0606
  • Clay earrings are fairly durable. They have some “give” to them. Still, they are clay so be careful not to bend them or too much or they may break. If you happen to get make-up on them, lightly buff with a soft cloth. Need a little more than a buff? Witch Hazel on a soft cloth does the job. Want a little shine to the matt finish? A small dab of furniture polish on a soft rag does the trick.

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