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White polymer clay hoops with small animal print cane disc in center.  White button top,  Long earrings - about 3-1/2" tall and 2-1/2" wide.  Polymer clay earrings designed and hand cut, baked, sanded, and finished with a light museum grade wax on top before finishing,  Studs are surgical steel, 10mm, and hypoallergenic.  These are my second highest in popularity on Pinterest with 156,000 views as of 8/24/20.  yay:  One pair left!

Hoops with animal print cane

  •  The polymer clay is fairly durable.  It is clay however and can break, if bent too far.  If you get a little make-up on them, just wipe with a little Witch Hazel and they will clean right up.  

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